BINGO on Wednesdays
Chair Exercises Monday – Friday at 9:30am
Coffee Hour is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10am
Bible Study once a week
Library once a month

We have various groups come in and play music whether that is guitar or piano and we have puzzles, T.V., and other activities in the Parlor as well. Residents will get together and play cards or games.

Family and Friends are always welcome to come in. We also have a couple of guest rooms available for those who live out of town to enjoy their family at Lewistown Eagles Manor and stay comfortable. Guests are always welcome to come in and eat with their friends or Family!

Need rides to Doctor’s appointments or to have a saloon day? Lewistown Community has Council on Ageing that will take you on a bus to get to your destination. They do weekly trips to Billings and Great Falls. For more information contact Central Montana Shuttle at 406-535-7486. Council on Ageing also offers a variety of help such as activities, Foot Care, Home Care, and many many more.