Dining Room

Our meal service is well-known around the state for serving excellent, homemade meals. Each meal is prepared following the nutritional guidelines of the USDA to ensure our residents are receiving the best balanced meals possible.

Living Room

Our living room is located on the main floor and is the perfect spot to relax with friends, catch up on the social happenings of your neighbors, and have gatherings.


The parlor is located on the main floor in the living room area and is designed for fun activities like cards, crafting, reading, and other socializing.

Summertime Deck

In the summertime, residents can relax on the deck to enjoy the weather. Whether they are visiting with friends or catching up on their reading, the deck is the perfect summertime spot.

Parking Lot

Each resident receives a parking spot for their vehicle in the parking lot.

Summer Park

We have a beautiful summer park on the grounds with a stream, benches and lovely trees. Residents love to spend time in the park listening to the water, watching birds, and enjoying the outdoors.

Grocery Store

For our residents that like to spend time in their own kitchen, we have a conveniently located grocery store right next door.

Emergency Services

Our residents feel very safe with our local fire department and ambulance services right across the street.

Security Protocols

The security and safety of our residents are a top priority. We have a security system in place that includes locked doors at all entrances from 7pm to 5am with staff on call 24/7 to handle any issues that might arise.